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Shopping for REGISTERED customers

LOVE LIFE DISCOUNT or profitable shopping!

Register with your contact email and password if you next log in, you will already have your contact details set up. You can check NOVINEK sending to your email and receive a quantity discount for each purchase. We are rewarding our constant customers with a quantity discount for every purchase! If the sum of all your orders exceeds CZK 5,000, - you get a lifetime discount of -10% on all your next purchases, and it pays off. If the sum of all your orders exceeds CZK 10,000, - you get a higher-20% discount on all your next purchases . We will be honored for our loyal customers for loyalty . Watch your account and write your discount settings! WARNING, it does not apply for VO pricelist!

The most important thing is that your e-mail, which is the login name and the password you have chosen, will both be good for you !!!

DOŽIVOTNÍ SLEVA -10% již od Kč 3.000,-

You can register here: REGISTRATION

How to order:

  • Electronic Order : Online directly on our site / e-shop by placing goods in the basket, so you will be guided by your purchase history to get quantitative discounts. :)


1. After signing up, click on the right part of the e-shop to: "Sign in"

2. Write down the security code, write your email, password, and click on "Continue"

3. Now you can shop under your account, choose from the following properties:

  • Size (first you have to choose the size, then you can offer the available colors)
  • Color (after selecting size, you can choose the available colors)
  • Quantity (enter number of pieces)

4. Put the goods in the basket, click on the text: put into the basket

5. Continue to place the goods in the basket or continue shopping to complete the purchase by clicking on the right side of the basket.

6. Check your inserted items and click "Order"

7. Fill in as far as possible all fields of delivery address and billing address (which you have listed in the Trade Certificate) and click on "Continue"

8. After that, you will automatically receive an email confirming your order.

ONLINE advice on buying

Mobile : 724 047 521

E-mail :

SKYPE : vladimir.manda1


The new e-shop feature is a selectable size drop-down menu, for example, click on the "Children's" folder next to the size chart.

If you want to FIND THE WHOLE TRADE with a keyword such as TEFLES, first select the E-SHOP main menu, and then fill in the search term in the SEARCH text box, left above the tag names column. The entire e-shop will be searched regardless of brands and age groups. The goods will be sorted from the last one in the e-shop added after the oldest. You can, however, sort the filter by choosing the best seller or price.

The goods in our e-shop are generally named so that the name of the specific goods in our country always begins with a PRIMARY NAME in the first fall , or if the name of the goods (tracksuits, t-shirt, pajamas etc.) can be called PYŽAMO CHLAPECKÉ WOLF , Not a boy's pajamas. But our search engine finds goods even if you enter the name differently and vice versa than in the database.

Overview by Brands - Manufacturers, by clicking on their names, are highlighted in capital letters, Column to the left of this text WOLF, ANDRIE, CALVI, KUGO, etc. The goods inside the brands are further classified according to the age categories (Women S-5XL, Children 98-128, Infant 0-Months-92, Dorost 134-170, Men's M-6XL) and the names of the individual garments (T-Shirts, Swimwear). In brackets behind the group names, the number of garments to be ordered is always listed.

You can search by age range by folders; in the first order, you can find the groups of garments for each age group (Infant, Child, Dance, Ladies, Men) regardless of brands from the whole E-shop ..

How to measure clothes

Dimensions are in cm, measure on unfolded clothing.

Dimensions for each manufacturer are different, please re-size them by e-mail:

2. Neck circumference at the bottom of the neck

3. Chest width

4. waist width

5. Length of sleeve from shoulder to wrist

6. Inner length of trousers

Size table (indicative) *





0-2 months

52-56 cm


0-3 months

56-62 cm


3-6 months

62-68 cm


6-9 months

68-74 cm


9-12 months

74-80 cm


12-18 months

81-86 cm


18-24 months

87-92 cm


2-3 years

93-98 cm


3-4 years

99-104 cm


4-5 years

105-110 cm


5-6 years

111-116 cm


6-7 years

117-128 cm


7-8 years

123-128 cm


8-9 years

129-134 cm


9-10 years

135-140 cm


10-11 years

141-152 cm


12-13 years

153-158 cm


13-14 years

159-164 cm

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